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Who I Work With

I work with software businesses that create or provide cloud services.

Whether you create software as a service for your customers, a done-for-you-application product for a client or an internal information system - I might be able to help.

Most of the time I work directly with the leadership of the company - CEOs and CTOs - and with the technical team as well if necessary - based on the service.

I also help businesses that don't want to have anything to do with software-development teams - but they are looking to have a reliable software system built for them.

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Need A BACK-END Technical Advice?

These Are The Technologies I Provide Deep TECHNICAL Consulting For...

I'm Also Proud For All The Other Techs I Don't...

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Ubuntu
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Laravel
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • DigitalOcean Services
  • PlatformIO (Embedded Systems Framework)
  • ...and many other...

I am NOT an expert in Microsoft technologies like .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. - so please, don't text me Friday night asking for a .NET help!

Wanna Help With Technicalities?

Planning A Complex Software?

Any Complex System Built Without A Plan Will Become An Unreliable Mess - And Your Pain In The Ass...

I have seen so many software companies start working on a brand new software without first thinking it through and doing a pre-production phase, I've already lost count.

Most business leaders who run their companies like this regret it later - after realizing that without a plan, fixing a single nasty bug can create two more and the system becomes like a hungry shark...

No matter how many fish you throw at it, it always wants more!

To make sure this won't happen to your company, I provide help, consulting and done-for-you services on software architecture - thinking the software through - so that you have a nice and clear blueprint of the system, that will provide a foundation and a guidebook for the whole development team.

Wanna Discuss High-Level Software Architecture?

Need A Help With Your Cloud Infrastructure?

Choosing The Right Architecture And Cloud Infrastructure Can Be A Daunting Task - Even For An Experienced Architect.

I provide consulting, done-for-your services and staff training for setting up, managing and improving your service cloud infrastructure.

But wait!

There's more!

Did you know the organization of your development teams MUST MATCH the cloud infrastructure and software architecture?


If you want to have a truly productive team and a fast delivery flow, your team "architecture" and the software "architecture" must fit together.

I also provide deep business process-level consulting and done-for-you services, to make sure you choose the best team and software organization structure - the best one for your software, your company and your targets.

I set up Kubernetes clusters for companies that want to have their service on a high-reliability infrastructure - and the ability to EASILY SCALE UP & DOWN the service capacity.

I also train their staff and consult on this complex piece of technology.

Wanna Help With A Scalable Cloud Infrastructure?

Planning For A Fast Growth?

Then You'll Probably Want Your Service AND The Company To Be Highly Scalable.

Many IT experts think of scaling as just scaling the software.

I strongly disagree.

Most of the time, a high speed software service growth will trigger a need to scale the BACKEND OF THE BUSINESS - the scale of the team and underlying business services.

Before entering the fast software growth stage, you might want to have your processes set up and polished.

If you don't, it may happen that as you scale, you scale up chaos - and things start to break down the more you scale.

Have you experienced bigger chaos and declining customer experience the more you tried to scale up?

I have literally seen companies almost "imploding" - by scaling up teams without having the foundations laid out.

I provide consulting, done-for-your services and staff training for documenting and polishing your business operations processes so that your company is ready for scaling up.

By the way...

If you plan to sell equity...

I wonder what kind of investor would like to buy a company, where all the know-how of how the company works, was only in its employees heads - who could leave at any time by the way...

No processes = worse deal or no deal at all.

Jeeez... You Still Haven't Applied?! C'Mon!

About Viktor Jamrich

Well I guess this is the section where I should highlight my journey and write in the 3rd person, isn't it?

Jeez, but where do I start?!

Hold on just a sec...

Well... I guess I'll just take it from the top...

I'm a Veteran-Level Software Architect & Software Business Strategist.

The difference between me and tech guys / developers is that tech guys are good technicians.

And that's amazing - for the technical / tactical level - for the coding and software development...

But I'm sure you'll agree there are business problems that cannot be solved with hammer and nails.

For these problems, we have to take a 30,000ft overview of the company, to be able to spot the problem, find a solution and pick a course of action - and that ^^^ requires a completely different way of thinking.

This ^^^ is one of my biggest edges...

Combining deep technical expertise with deep strategic business owner thinking - this rare combination is now available to you through my consulting & services.

Not only that I understand deep technical issues - I have been a software developer and an architect myself for years, designing and literally coding web applications and services on technologies like PHP, Laravel, React, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many other...

However, having built 2 businesses in completely different industries - the IT industry and the fitness industry - I also have this deep overview from the business owner's perspective.

I've gone through many non-technical roles - marketing - writing and setting up ads, sales - making sales calls and closing on the phone, improving sales scripts based on behavioral psychology principles, selling through text channels, hiring people on the team and on-boarding them, firing people, solving admin & legal issues, leading the team, creating business processes, standard operating procedures - SOPs, tracking them and improving them if necessary...

I've been through ALL the basic business roles building a team-run business myself, which now gives me this amazing understanding of business and high-level strategy - in combination with deep technical skills and expertise.

Thanks to this experience I can see problems and find solutions to them, not only on the technical level, but also on the business level...

I've had the pleasure of consulting companies on a high-level strategy - how to design a new software so that it fits the company, its values, goals and resources available - which many tech guys completely ignore - revamping one single web app view for a month can be a no problem to them - they get paid anyway... I wonder what would your ROI spreadsheet say on that...

And I've also had the pleasure of working directly with tech teams solving technical issues - and THAT gave me a massive insight into the thinking of tech teams...

Thanks to my experience, I now have the amazing advantage of seeing things from 3 different perspectives...

From the low-level developer's perspective.

From the mid-level software & cloud architect's perspective...

And also from the high-level business leadership perspective.

I'm also known for telling you flat out what you NEED to hear based on what I see - to the best of my abilities - so that you can make as best executive decisions as possible.

Having said that ^^^, this may not be what you WANT to hear.

However, I think if you wanted to hire an appeaser, you'd probably have closed this page long ago...

I could go on for much longer, but to keep it short, I'm gonna invite you for a free discovery call.

It's true I'm biased, that's why I want you to test me out and see for yourself.

If you have a technical or business-level problem you want to solve, apply for the call or write me a message to see if I can help you, and we'll take it from there...

Talk to you later then...

- From The Desk Of Viktor Jamrich


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